The Framework Process of Data Science: Cross-industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM)

Figure 1: CRISP-DM Framework Diagram



Business Understanding

Figure 2: Complete Business Understanding Diagram

Data Understanding

Figure 3: Complete Data Understanding Diagram
Figure 4: (a) Pie Chart to Find the Number of Houses in Boston Near the River
Figure 4 (b) Distribution of Median House Price Data (MEDV) which has positive skewness
Figure 5: Outliers detection using Box Plot
Gambar 6: Contoh Bivariate Analysis — Korelasi Data terhadap Data Target (MEDV)
Figure 7: Example of Multivariate Analysis on the dataset (Relationship of Plant Types 1, 2, and 3 to Concentrations of V5 and V4)

Data Preparation

Figure 8: Data Preparation Diagram
Figure 9: (a) Data before Treatment Outliers
Figure 9: (b) Data After Treatment Outliers

Modeling Stage

Figure 10: Modelling
Figure 10: Example of Using GridSearchCV to Find the Best Hyperparameter Value

Evaluation Stage

Figure 11: Chart of the Evaluation Section


Figure 12: Deployment Stages in CRISP-DM Framework


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